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California’s Dreaming of Tougher Health-Care Privacy

Posted in Electronic Health Records, Legislation and Public Policy, Privacy and Data Protection, State Matters

An August 2 article in Bloomberg Law’s Health Law & Life Sciences News, “California’s Dreaming of Tougher Health-Care Privacy,” discussed the California Consumer Privacy Act, a new law that gives consumers the right to know how much of their personal data is being collected by companies and the right to have that data deleted upon request, among other provisions. Day Pitney’s Eric Fader was quoted in the article.The law applies to manufacturers of consumer health wearables and apps, for example, and its reach extends to companies located anywhere in the U.S. that do business in California. Eric told Bloomberg Law that other states are likely to enact their own privacy laws modeled after California’s, and that differences in wording among the various states’ laws may make compliance with all of them a complex process for a large company.

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