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Google and Fitbit Launch Health Records Initiative

Posted in Electronic Health Records, Medical Devices

Google and Fitbit recently announced plans to integrate Fitbit’s user data into electronic medical records (EMRs) using Google’s Cloud Healthcare API.Fitbit’s products, carried in over 45,000 retail stores in 86 countries, include wearables like activity trackers and smartwatches, and a Wi-Fi enabled “smart scale.” The company’s share of the wearables market has declined in recent years due to competition from Apple’s smartwatches and products from other companies. Fitbit recently diversified by acquiring Twine Health, a coaching platform for users who have diabetes or hypertension or who wish to stop smoking or lose weight.

Google and Fitbit hope that by incorporating Fitbit’s data into EMRs, users of the devices and their healthcare providers will have a more complete view of the user’s overall health, leading to more personalized care.

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