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Proposed NJ Bills Would Relax Rules for Nurses Prescribing Meds

Posted in Legislation and Public Policy, Pharmaceuticals, State Matters

Two new bills introduced by Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz for review by the New Jersey State Assembly’s Health and Senior Services Committee would give registered nurses more autonomy in prescribing medications. Bill no. A854 would permit nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses to prescribe and administer medications without having to enter into an agreement with a physician and pay him or her a fee. Bill no. A3013 would permit nurses to prescribe medication to recovering alcoholics and addicts to ease withdrawal symptoms.
In a statement, Ms. Munoz said, “Advanced practice nurses provide a significant portion of primary care in the state. It is beyond me why allowing them to practice to the full extent of their education and training is restricted in the state.” Having to pay a fee to a physician when prescribing medication is a financial burden on nurses, limits competition, and drives up healthcare costs, she added.

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