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Patient Privacy Concerns May Complicate Amazon Health-Care Initiative

Posted in Employer/Employee Matters, HIPAA and the HITECH Act, Private Insurers

A February 2 article in Bloomberg BNA’s Health Care Daily Report, “Patient Privacy Concerns May Complicate Amazon Health-Care Initiative,” discussed the new initiative announced by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to change how healthcare services are provided to their combined 1 million U.S. employees. Day Pitney’s Eric Fader was quoted in the article.The initiative will likely involve forming a new company to provide or arrange for health-insurance coverage for the three companies’ employees, Eric said. HIPAA privacy and security rules will restrict how the initiative is structured but should not prevent implementation, according to the article.

“The biggest impact of this alliance will probably be as a model for similar initiatives by combinations of other large companies, and it’s possible that we’ll see Amazon add some new technological spin to what’s being offered,” Eric told Bloomberg BNA.

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