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Providers Get More Time to Report Electronic Health Record Data

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Eric Fader was quoted in a January 19 article, “Providers Get More Time to Report Electronic Health Record Data,” in Bloomberg BNA’s Health Care Daily Report, Health Care Policy Report, and other publications. The article discussed the two-week extension granted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for healthcare providers to report on their electronic health record (EHR) use.

The extension of the reporting deadline is sure to be welcomed by hospitals and physicians, Eric told Bloomberg BNA, but it may not be long enough. Last August, a survey of hospitals found that very few were prepared at that time to submit EHR data, even though most hospitals surveyed believed that they would be able to get up to speed by the February 28 (now March 13), 2017 deadline.

Eric speculated that some hospitals may have conveyed to CMS that they’re going to have trouble meeting the reporting deadline, or that perhaps CMS was able to draw that conclusion from the volume of test submissions to date. It may also be that CMS has had some issues with the reporting system warranting a small extension of time. In any event, Eric observed, “CMS apparently prefers to keep the pressure on by extending the time to report only slightly.”

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