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Trump Era Likely Will Increase Collections From Patients But Won’t End MACRA

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Eric Fader was quoted in an article,”Trump Era Likely Will Increase Collections From Patients But Won’t End MACRA,” in the December 5 issue of Part B News. In the article, Eric discussed the alternative plan for national health care reform offered by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, called “A Better Way.”

Originally proposed as a counter to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Ryan plan might gain broader support if the ACA is repealed, in whole or in part. “The way it was proposed [A Better Way] hasn’t seen much input from the smart people who happen to be Democrats,” Eric said. “But now, if those proposals are discussed and vetted and tweaked, you might get some buy-in.”

Eric also pointed out that most revenue-producing healthcare regulations that are not part of the ACA will likely remain in place. “No matter what happens, the government will have to look for alternative sources of funding to replace the lost revenue from the employer and individual mandate, the medical device and Cadillac taxes, etc.,” he said, and “programs that are deemed unnecessary may be defunded.”

Eric further speculated that HIPAA audits by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights “could be expanded with the goal of generating multimillion-dollar benefits” from settlements with HIPAA violators.

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