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New NIST Security Standard Will Affect Health Care Industry

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On November 16, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released Special Publication 800-160, which focuses on the engineering actions that need to be taken to ensure that connected devices are able to stave off and recover quickly from cyberattacks and other security incidents that could take them offline and compromise personal data.

Although the recommendations in the Publication are voluntary and advisory, it is meant to provide guidance to those involved in developing internet-connected systems and devices to build security safeguards directly into their products and consider security at every stage in their life cycles.

The security of internet-connected devices grabbed headlines last month after such products were linked to a major cyberattack that temporarily blocked access to Twitter and a host of other popular websites. The Publication will have an impact on healthcare with respect to personal devices such as fitness trackers, as well as traditional medical devices such as cardiac devices and ventilators.

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