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Republicans Seek Probe Into EpiPen Medicaid Rebate Status

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Eric Fader was quoted in a September 14 article, “Republicans Seek Probe Into EpiPen Medicaid Rebate Status,” in Bloomberg BNA’s Health Care Daily Report. The article is about how a group of congressional Republicans are asking that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) be investigated after it “persistently” classified Mylan’s EpiPen as a generic drug under the Medicaid rebate program, rather than as a branded drug.

Eric explained that there is an enormous difference between what CMS actually received from Mylan in Medicaid rebates and what it would have received had EpiPen been classified as a generic. “It seems clear to me that certain people at CMS have been asleep at the switch on this matter, with other manufacturers’ drugs as well as with EpiPen,” Eric said, adding that CMS will have to address the issue with Congress.

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